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  The products introduced on this website are the best quality brands we have at home and abroad. Chuangxing Innovative website is a life website that combines baby products and outdoor activities. If you have any questions about related products, please feel free to contact us.


The task for the product designers was to develop a special product design created out of the unique folding mechanism. The first prototype was created in 2015 and was ultimately the birthdays of the nikimotion models Blade and Autofold.


PUSH, PULL, PUSH-ALONG, STOW & GO Push it like a stroller, pull it like a wagon or push it along like modern luggage. Proper design makes it suprisingly easy to maneuver.Fast and compact folding for easy transport. Sits upright on end for compact storage.


E-Bikes brands and models powered by MPF Drive Mid-Motor System.


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